Tailored platforms and pricing

We believe in delivering a service that matches your exact requirements at an affordable price. We won’t try to sell you functions you do not require.

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Included with every package

Support services, remote software support, help desk bespoke pricing, and remote hardware support

Core £50*


Charges apply to all users including field based engineers.

  • Complete Service Products
  • Core product
    • Job booking
    • Job scheduling (Google Extra)
    • Invoicing
    • Credit card processing
    • Spare parts
    • Text messages / emails * Txt Extra
    • Individual database
    • Accounting Integration Xero, Sage, Quickbooks
  • Customer Connect
    • Track My Tech
  • Mobile Connect
    • Card processing
  • Engineer Connect **
  • Standard Report Module
  • Standard Stock System
* Per user/month

Advanced £70*


Uplift from Core Product does not apply to field based engineers, field engineers are always charged at the Core Product rate.

All features of core plus:

  • Client Connect
  • Marketplace
  • Web booking plugin
  • Spare parts website connections
  • Engineers Remain at £50/month
  • Warehouse Stock System
  • Advanced automatic diary optimisation
  • Bench Repairs
  • Customer De-Duplication
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Editable SQL Reporting
  • EDI\Bulk Invoicing
* Per user/month

Enterprise £B*


Involves a detailed scoping session to agree final costs.

All features of core and advanced plus:

  • Invoice Connect
  • Escalation Connect
  • Warranty Online Products
  • Core product
    • Contract management
    • Direct debits
    • Credit Card processing
  • Online Claims
  • PG Connect
  • Call Connect
  • Support Services
  • Remote software support
  • Remote hardware support
  • Help desk
* Bespoke